is None or == None ?

Vincent Manis vmanis at
Wed Nov 11 01:05:01 CET 2009

On 2009-11-10, at 07:46, Grant Edwards wrote:
> MacOS applications made the same mistake on the 68K.  They
> reserved the high-end bits 
At the time the 32-bit Macs were about to come on the market, I saw an internal confidential document that estimated that at least over 80% of the applications that the investigators had looked at (including many from that company named after a fruit, whose head office is on Infinite Loop) were not 32-bit clean. This in spite of the original edition of Inside Mac (the one that looked like a telephone book) that specifically said always to write 32-bit clean apps, as 32-bit machines were expected in the near future. 

It's not quite as bad as the program I once looked at that was released in 1999 and was not Y2K compliant, but it's pretty close. 


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