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>>>> I believe the use of tagged pointers has been considered and so far
>>>> rejected by the CPython developers. And no one else that I know of has
>>>> developed a fork for that. It would seem more feasible with 64 bit
>>>> pointers where there seem to be spare bits. But CPython will have to
>>>> support 32 bit machines for several years.
>>> I've seen that mistake made twice (IBM 370 architecture (probably 360
>>> too, I'm too young to have used it) and ARM2/ARM3).  I'd rather not see
>>> it a third time, thank you.
>> MacOS applications made the same mistake on the 68K.  They reserved the
>> high-end bits in a 32-bit pointer and used them to contain
>> meta-information.
> Obviously that was their mistake. They should have used the low-end bits
> for the metadata, instead of the more valuable high-end.

Oh, ARM used the low bits too.  After all, instructions were 4-byte  
aligned, so the PC had all those bits going spare...

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