CGI vs mod_python

Dave Angel davea at
Wed Nov 11 21:32:51 CET 2009

Victor Subervi wrote:
> <snip>
> The problem was not CGI. It turned out to be line-endings being mangled by
> Windoze and __invisible __ in my unix editor. Lovely.
> Thanks anyway,
> V
That's twice you've blamed Windows for the line-ending problem.  Windows 
didn't create those crlf endings, your text editor did.  If your editor 
can't control that, you could try a different one.  Komodo for example 
can do it either way, or it can preserve whatever is being used in the 
loaded file.  Similarly metapad, in spite of its huge simplicity, lets 
you decide, and can convert an existing file in either direction.

And I'm a great believer in visible control characters.  I configure 
Komodo to show me spaces in the lines, so I can see whether it's a tab 
or a space.  It can also be configured to show end-of-line characters, 
so I presume that'd work here.  See whether your Unix editor can show 
you this sort of thing.

Finally, many FTP programs can be told to automatically convert 
line-endings when transferring text files.  There's probably some risk 
that it'll mangle a non-text file, but it's worth considering.


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