Python & Go

kj at
Thu Nov 12 01:53:22 CET 2009

I'm just learning about Google's latest: the GO (Go?) language.
(e.g. or
There are some distinctly Pythonoid features to the syntax, such
as "import this_or_that", the absence of parentheses at the top of
flow control constructs, and quite a few statements without a
trailing semicolon.  Then again, there's a lot that looks distinctly
un-Pythonlike, such as the curly brackets all over the place.  And
among the un-Pythonlike stuff there's a lot that looks like nothing
else that I've ever seen...

Just out of curiosity, how much did GvR contribute to this effort?



P.S. Keeping up with Google is becoming a full-time job.  It's
friggin non-stop.  Who can handle it?  Truly incredible.

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