Choosing GUI Module for Python

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Thu Nov 12 11:34:04 CET 2009

On Nov 11, 9:48 am, Lorenzo Gatti <ga... at> wrote:

> On a more constructive note, I started to follow the instructions at are
> vague and terse enough to be cross-platform) with Microsoft VC9
> Express.
> Hurdle 0: recompile Qt because the provided DLLs have hardcoded wrong
> paths that confuse CMake.
> How should Qt be configured? My first compilation attempt had to be
> aborted (and couldn't be resumed) after about 2 hours: trial and error
> at 1-2 builds per day could take weeks.

Update: I successfully compiled Qt (with WebKit disabled since it
gives link errors), as far as I can tell, and I'm now facing

Hurdle 1a: convince CMake that I actually have Boost headers and
compiled libraries.
The Boost directory structure is confusing (compiled libraries in two
places), and CMake's script (FindBoost.cmake) is inconsistent (should
I set BOOST_INCLUDEDIR or BOOST_INCLUDE_DIR?), obsolete (last known
version is 1.38 rather than the requisite 1.40) and rather fishy (e.g.
hardcoded "c:\boost" paths).
Would the Cmake-based branch of Boost work better? Any trick or recipe
to try?
Hurdle 1b: the instructions don't mention a dependency from libxml2.

Lorenzo Gatti

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