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> Victor Subervi wrote:
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>> The problem was not CGI. It turned out to be line-endings being mangled by
>> Windoze and __invisible __ in my unix editor. Lovely.
>> Thanks anyway,
>> V
> That's twice you've blamed Windows for the line-ending problem.  Windows
> didn't create those crlf endings, your text editor did.  If your editor
> can't control that, you could try a different one.  Komodo for example can
> do it either way, or it can preserve whatever is being used in the loaded
> file.  Similarly metapad, in spite of its huge simplicity, lets you decide,
> and can convert an existing file in either direction.
> And I'm a great believer in visible control characters.  I configure Komodo
> to show me spaces in the lines, so I can see whether it's a tab or a space.
>  It can also be configured to show end-of-line characters, so I presume
> that'd work here.  See whether your Unix editor can show you this sort of
> thing.
> Finally, many FTP programs can be told to automatically convert
> line-endings when transferring text files.  There's probably some risk that
> it'll mangle a non-text file, but it's worth considering.

Wonderful, wonderful. I'll take both of those pieces of advice. Thank you.
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