standard libraries don't behave like standard 'libraries'

Sriram Srinivasan naughtysriram at
Thu Nov 12 15:21:21 CET 2009

> You are describing a lending library, which is not the only sort of
> library. My personal library doesn't do any of those things. It is just a
> room with shelves filled with books.

how i see is all libraries are libraries, for a personal library you
are the only customer and you are the management too.!

> Words in English can have more than one meaning. Horses run,
> refrigerators run, and even though they don't have either legs or motors,
> programs run too. The argument that code libraries don't behave like
> lending libraries won't get you anywhere.

first this is not an argument at all...i clearly stated these were my
imaginations cum ideas.

> Since library features are tied closely to the features available in the
> Python interpreter, the way to use library 2.5 is to use Python 2.5. You
> *might* be able to use library 2.5 with Python 2.6 or 2.4; you absolutely
> won't be able to use it with Python 1.5 or 3.1.

i am not talking about the past..past were experiences! that the
developers had and what is happening today *might be* another
experience for the future.

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