python simply not scaleable enough for google?

Rami Chowdhury rami.chowdhury at
Thu Nov 12 21:33:05 CET 2009

On Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:02:11 -0800, Alf P. Steinbach <alfps at>  
> I think that was in the part you *snipped* here. Just fill in the  
> mentioned qualifications and weasel words.

OK, sure. I don't think they're weasel words, because I find them useful,  
but I think I see where you're coming from.

> Specifically, I reacted to the statement that <<it is sheer nonsense to  
> talk about "the" speed of an implementation>>, made in response to  
> someone upthread, in the context of Google finding CPython overall too  
> slow.

IIRC it was "the speed of a language" that was asserted to be nonsense,  
wasn't it? Which IMO is fair -- a physicist friend of mine works with a  
C++ interpreter which is relatively sluggish, but that doesn't mean C++ is  

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