A beginner question about GUI use and development

uap12 anders.u.persson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 09:55:00 CET 2009

I have written som Python programs but no one with a GUI yet,
i have look around and found a lot of diffrent gui module.

I will develop program that will use a small amout of GUI part
eg. program to show status about server etc.

I have looked att wxWidget, but i like a rekommendation here
(Will develop Windows program but somtimes OSX to)

When i givet the program away i like to pack it, so the enduser
just run it, i don't like to tell the user to install Python, and/or
som GUI package. is this possible.

In the beginning it is okej to code the gui "by hand" to learn
but after that i like som kind of GUI-designtool, and god
to recommade ??

I know this is basic question, but i have't found any god answer
so if some takes time to answer i would be happy.

Best regards

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