A beginner question about GUI use and development

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Fri Nov 13 22:08:20 CET 2009

On Nov 13, 3:55 am, uap12 <anders.u.pers... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have written som Python programs but no one with a GUI yet,
> i have look around and found a lot of diffrent gui module.
> I will develop program that will use a small amout of GUI part
> eg. program to show status about server etc.
> I have looked att wxWidget, but i like a rekommendation here
> (Will develop Windows program but somtimes OSX to)

In the context of Python, it is called wxPython.  WxWidgets is
the C++ version (and around which wxPython is a thin wrapper).

> When i givet the program away i like to pack it, so the enduser
> just run it, i don't like to tell the user to install Python, and/or
> som GUI package. is this possible.

As others mentioned, yes.  Many people use py2exe for Windows, and
py2app for Mac OS X.  These have nothing to do with the choice of
though.  However, if you choose wxPython as the widget toolkit, you
can use a really nice application called GUI2Exe, which is a GUI
interface for py2exe, py2app, and a few other such tools, and makes
creating a packaged-up executable much easier.

> In the beginning it is okej to code the gui "by hand" to learn
> but after that i like som kind of GUI-designtool, and god
> to recommade ??

Sure--that's one good way.  I learned the other way around:  by
using a GUI designer to teach me what options there were for widgets
and how they were coded.  One nice IDE and GUI builder for wxPython
is Boa Constructor.

> I know this is basic question, but i have't found any god answer
> so if some takes time to answer i would be happy.

Googling these issues or searching this group should turn up
dozens of answers and opinions; it has been asked many times.


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