#define (from C) in Python

Santiago Romero sromero at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 23:35:28 CET 2009

> Hey, I got 100% with ASM ZX Spectrum emulator on a low end 386 :-) (I do
> not remember the CPU freqeuncy anymore, maybe 25MHz).

 Yes, in ASM a simple 25 or 33Mhz 386 computer was able to emulate
Spectrum. At least, under MSDOS, like did Warajevo, Z80, x128 and
from Pedro Gimeno.

> First emulator in C that appeared on the emu-scene (I guess it
> was x128) needed 486 (~80MHz?) to run at realtime. Pentium and
> Pentium II was A LOT of  power :-)

 x128 was not pure C. The first emulator written in pure C was
although Philip Kendall "finished" FUSE (Free UNIX Spectrum Emulator)
before my emulator was able to emulate 128K models.

 But currently only FUSE and ASpectrum can be compiled in lost of
(Wii, Dreamcast, PocketPC, NDS...) just by translating the O.S.
functions or if the destination platform supports the Allegro

 And at least a P1-P2 is needed for that :-)

> http://perl-spectrum.sourceforge.net/
> It is quite fast IMHO.

 It does not run 100% in my 1.8Ghz centrino computer :-(, but almost.
At least, is a good start to see that is possible, at least no current
DualCore computers :-)


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