ANN: esky 0.2.1

Ryan Kelly ryan at
Sat Nov 14 00:28:45 CET 2009

> >> Recently I was looking into distribution mechanisms, and I passed over
> >> bbfreeze because I saw no indication that Python 2.6 was supported.
> >
> >Not sure if it's officially supported, but I do most of my development
> >on Python 2.6 and bbfreeze hasn't given me any problems as yet.
> Also, bbfreeze doesn't seem to have active development.

It's slow but certainly active.  Development was recently moved to
github with almost no fanfare (in fact I only discovered the github site
by accident):

Out of curiosity, what freezer package did you settle on in the end?
I'm curious it see if esky could easily switch between different
freezers (although it currently depends on some rather deep details of
the bbfreeze format).



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