python simply not scaleable enough for google?

Vincent Manis vmanis at
Sat Nov 14 03:25:59 CET 2009

On 2009-11-13, at 15:32, Paul Rubin wrote:
>   This is Usenet so
> please stick with Usenet practices.  
Er, this is NOT Usenet. 

1. I haven't, to the best of my recollection, made a Usenet post in this millennium. 

2. I haven't fired up a copy of rn or any other news reader in at least 2 decades. 

3. I'm on the python-list mailing list, reading this with Apple's Mail application, 
which actually doesn't have convenient ways of enforcing `Usenet practices' regarding
message format. 

4. If we're going to adhere to tried-and-true message format rules, I want my IBM
2260 circa 1970, with its upper-case-only display and weird little end-of-line symbols. 

Stephen asked me to wrap my posts. I'm happy to do it. Can we please finish this thread
off and dispose of it? 

-- v

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