python simply not scaleable enough for google?

Paul Rubin http
Sat Nov 14 04:53:00 CET 2009

"Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday at> writes:
>   thoughts?

I'd bet it's not just about multicore scaling and general efficiency,
but also the suitability of the language itself for large, complex
projects.  It's just not possible to be everything for everybody.
Python is beginner-friendly, has a very fast learning curve for
experienced programmers in other languages, and is highly productive
for throwing small and medium sized scripts together, that are
debugged through iterated testing.  One might say it's optimized for
those purposes.  I use it all the time because a lot of my programming
fits the pattern.  The car analogy is the no-frills electric commuter
car, just hop in and aim it where you want to go; if you crash it,
brush yourself off and restart.  But there are times (large production
applications) when you really want the Airbus A380 with the 100's of
automatic monitoring systems and checkout procedures to follow before
you take off, even if the skill level needed to use it is much higher
than the commuter car.

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