A "terminators' club" for clp

kj no.email at please.post
Sat Nov 14 11:59:41 CET 2009

In <7x3a4i56u7.fsf at ruckus.brouhaha.com> Paul Rubin <http://phr.cx@NOSPAM.invalid> writes:

>kj <no.email at please.post> writes:
>> frequent* clp posters the ability to *easily* delete spam from the
>> comp.lang.python server?

>Um, this is usenet; there is no comp.lang.python server.  Are you
>saying you want a moderated newsgroup?  Hmm, maybe this group is busy
>enough that there is some merit to that idea.

Sorry, I had a mistaken view of how usenet was implemented.  But
yeah, I guess I'm thinking of a moderated newsgroup, but with a
large number of moderators working in parallel, and a very lax
acceptance policy.  The goal is to filter out only the obvious
spam, and let through all the other non-spam traffic as quickly as
possible...  What do I mean by "obvious spam"?  Well, among the
most recent messages (that have survived my killfile policies) I
see the following subject lines:

* Top 10 US mp3 songs.....Cheers
* www.find68.com cheaper nike shoes g-satr kidrobot hoodies ed hardy star red monkey gino green global true religion ed-hardy kidrobot jeans hoodies china supplier wholesaler exporters,manufacture
* "jobs in france" "jobs in france for english people" "jobs in france for foreigners" "jobs in france for australians" "jobs in france for foreigners " "jobs in france for new zealanders" "jobs" "paris jobs" http://jobs-in-fr ance.blogspot.com/
* "germany jobs" "germany job sites" "germany job search" "jobs in germany" "german jobs" "germany jobs it" "germany jobs for foreigners" "germany jobsite" "germany jobs in english" on http://jobs-germany.blogspot.com/

Those look pretty obvious to me.

But, as I already showed, I'm out of my depth here,
so I'd better shut up.


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