More Python versions on an XP machine

DreiJane joost at
Sat Nov 14 17:33:09 CET 2009


there are several ways to do that besides starting python scripts
with a double-click on a desktop icon (that can only work with the
one and only python version of the registry).

One is to start the new python version directly from a "DosBox".
You could copy python.exe or pythonw.exe from the new version
directly into the directory, where your python script is - both are
only some kB large - and then execute "python your_script" in the
cmd.exe. After some "cd"s to the directory of your script. Besides -
it is no bad idea to have some copies of the cmd.exe at several
places of your file system - the correct run of cmd.exe is not
depending on its place in C:\Windows\system32. It also runs from
external disks.

This is, how i do that, not optimal probably, but easy to understand.


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