Changing the current directory (full post)

vsoler vicente.soler at
Sun Nov 15 13:04:06 CET 2009

Oops!!! something went wrong with my keyboard. Here you have my full

Ever since I installed my Python 2.6 interpreter (I use IDLE), I've
been saving my
*.py files in the C:\Program Files\Python26 directory, which is the
default directory for such files in my system.

However, I have realised that the above is not the best practice.
Therefore I created the C:\Program Files\Python26\test directory and I
want it to be my default directory for saving *.py files, importing
modules, etc.

I'd like to do something like the DOS equivalent of   "CD test" but I
do not know kow to do it.

I am currently doing something really awful: I open a *.py file in the
test subdirectory, I run it with the F5 key and it works! but I am
doing really something stupid.

I can see that it works because if I do

import sys

... the first directory in the list is the test one.

How should I proceed, if I want to proceed properly?

Vicente Soler

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