Accessing a Web server --- how?

Virgil Stokes vs at
Mon Nov 16 11:14:26 CET 2009

If one goes to the following URL:

it contains a link (click on "Current courses NBD AT99 3113A") to:

and if you now click on the tab labeled "history and compare" this will 
take you to:

Finally...This is where I would like to "connect to" the data on a daily 
basis or to gather data over different time intervals. I believe that if 
I can get some help on this, then I will be able to customize the code 
as needed for my own purposes.

It should be clear that this is financial data on a fond managed by 
Nordea Bank AB. Nordea is one of the largest banks in Scandinavia.

Note, that I do have some experience with Python (2.6 mainly), and find 
it a very useful and powerful language. However, I have no experience 
with it in the area of Web services. Any suggestions/comments on how to 
set up this financial data service project would be greatly appreciated, 
and I would be glad to share this project with any interested parties.

Note, I posted a similar message to the list pywebsvcs; but, received no responses.

-- V. Stokes

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