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Mon Nov 16 11:39:10 CET 2009

On 16 Nov, 11:06, me <not_h... at> wrote:

> What Python gui builder is well supported, does not require me
> to learn another framework/library, and can crank out stuff for
> multiple platforms ?

I use wxFormBuilder. The 3.1 beta can even create wxPython code, but
it still has some minor issues (e.g. not always creating correct code
due to missing "self.").

wxFormBuilder 3.0 can create XRC files, which work excellently with
wxPython. The drawback is that you must bind event handlers manually,
instead of having it done automatically (as you can with Python code
generation in 3.1 beta).

If you are fine with GPL, or can afford the commercial license, there
is QtDesigner which works with PyQt. This is a fantastic cross-
platform GUI tool, if not hte best there is.

If you are fine with Microsoft only, you can use Windows Forms with MS
Visual Studio and IronPython.

If you can use Jython, there are many tools for working with Java
Swing or SWT.

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