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Dietmar Schwertberger news at
Mon Nov 16 11:39:51 CET 2009

sturlamolden schrieb:
> On 15 Nov, 18:09, Peng Yu <pengyu... at> wrote:
>> There had been some discussion on IDE. But I'm not sure what pros and
>> cons of each choice. Current, I'm using vim and ctags.
>> Could somebody give some advices on choosing the best IDE for me?
> There is a plug-in to develop (amd debug) Python using MS Visual
> Studio. It works with IronPython and CPython.
> There is the PyDev plug-in for Eclipse.
> There is Komodo from ActiveState.
> There is KDevelop in KDE4.
> Which is better? I don't know.
> My impression is that Python development does noe need an IDE like
> e.g. C++ development do. There is no build process, which takes the
> major advantage of the IDE away. I am fine with a editor like IDLE or
> Kate.
For more than ten years I had the same opinion. I found that a very
lightweight "IDE" like PythonWin is sufficient for me together with
print statements and the built-in post-mortem debugger for debugging.

But then, last year I had to find a tricky bug in my GUI code
(wxPython) and thought that for this problem a debugger would be
So I gave the Wing IDE with it's debugger a try and have been using
it since then.
Even though an IDE is not an absolute must, I found that my productivity
increased a lot (25%?) and I would not want to miss:
  - code completion
  - powerful debugger (even if you only use the post-mortem debugger
    it will save you a lot of time compared to as it takes
    only a mouse click to move to the exception point in the editor
    instead of looking at the line number and then find the same point
    in the editor...)
  - Mercurial integration
  - PyFlakes integration



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