Vim breaks after Python upgrade

NickC reply-to at works.fine.invalid
Tue Nov 17 17:33:30 CET 2009

Perhaps OT, but I figure here is where people have seen this commonly.

I upgraded Python from my distro's default of 2.5.2 to 2.6.2.  Vim is now 
complaining every startup about missing <exec> libraries, presumably as 
some plugins run some python code on initialisation.  I'm guessing vim is 
complaining as it was compiled with python support, and that was 2.5.2, 
and the compiled-in python library locations no longer exist.

I compiled a new vim, so things are ok-ish, but now my system is even 
further away from standard distro.  I'm also a little surprised vim is so 
clunky as to use hard-coded locations.  Do I really have to compile a new 
vim every python upgrade?

'strings vim' shows some ascii that could be the python library 
locations.  Being quite ignorant of how the linux loader works, could I in 
future use sed on the vim binary to change every string of "2.5.2" to 
"2.6.2", or are the library locations used by the loader coded in binary 
rather than ascii (and so, harder to find)?



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