New syntax for blocks

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Tue Nov 17 19:15:41 CET 2009

On Nov 17, 9:28 am, Jonathan Saxton <jsax... at> wrote:

> And if I ever find the genius who had the brilliant idea of using = to mean assignment then I have a particularly nasty dungeon reserved just for him.  Also a foul-smelling leech-infested swamp for those language designers and compiler writers who followed his example.  (Come to think of it, plagiarizing a bad idea is probably the worse evil.)

I think every new programmer wrestles with this dilemma in their first
days but very soon after accepts it as reality. As for me it made
perfect sense from day one to have '=' mean "assignment" and '==' to
mean "equality". Programming is not mathematics (on the contrary) they
are two sides of a mountain forever unknowing of each other but
sharing the same space. I think the syntax was chosen because the
alternatives are even worse AND since assignment is SO common in
programming, would you *really* rather type two chars instead of one?

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