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Joel Davis callmeclaudius at
Tue Nov 17 22:19:53 CET 2009

On Nov 16, 5:06 am, me <not_h... at> wrote:
> Good People
> I do not write stuff for humans, as it has been my job to remove
> humans from the loop. But I have to make a front end to a
> component database where everything was built in Python.
> I have looked at the Tk stuff that is built into Python -> not
> acceptable. So looking at wxGlade, Boa Constructor, Python Card.
> Also looked at the frames/forms created with QtDesigner, which
> can be used by Python via pyuic. BlackAdder IDE seems to have
> this built-in, but am loathe to buy into another GUI tool for a
> single job.
> I have not been able to find a decent Python gui builder. The
> last time I did gui garbage was with Borland C++ Builder which
> was ok because I was only using win boxen for that project. This
> time I am using both Linux and Win.
> What Python gui builder is well supported, does not require me
> to learn another framework/library, and can crank out stuff for
> multiple platforms ?
> thanks much,
> me

Glade is pretty easy to use, especially for a simple front end, if you
already know python, then the amount of GTK you'd have to learn would
be very minimal (5-15 minute crash course in it should suffice.) build
your GUI in Glade, link the python code to the xml file, and the go
back to coding non-gui stuff in no time. The Glade utility is free
software so there's no expense (unless you get charged by the byte on
your downloads.)

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