DOM related question and problem

elca highcar at
Wed Nov 18 19:04:10 CET 2009

these day im making python script related with DOM.

problem is these day many website structure is very complicate .

what is best method to check DOM structure and path..

i mean...following is some example.

what is best method to check  can extract such like following info quickly?

before i was spent much time to extract such info .

and yes im also new to python and DOM.

    IE.Document.Frames(1).Document.forms('comment').value = 'hello'

if i use DOM inspector, can i extract such info quickly ? if so would you
show me some sample?

here is some site . i want to extract some dom info. 

today i was spent all day long to extract what is dom info. but failed

at the end of this page,can find some comment input box.

i want to know what kind of dom element should have to use, such like 

    IE.Document.Frames(1).Document.forms('comment').value = 'hello'

anyhelp much appreciate thanks

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