Minimally intrusive XML editing using Python

Dave Angel davea at
Wed Nov 18 20:16:42 CET 2009

Thomas Lotze wrote:
> Chris Rebert wrote:
>> Have you considered using an XML-specific diff tool such as:
> I'm afraid I'll have to fall back to using such a thing if I don't find a
> solution to what I actually want to do.
> I do realize that XML isn't primarily about its textual representation, so
> I guess I shouldn't be surprised if what I'm looking for doesn't exist.
> Still, it would be nice if it did...
What's your real problem, or use case?  Are you just concerned with 
diffing, or are others likely to read the xml, and want it formatted the 
way it already is?  And how general do you need this tool to be?  For 
example, if the only thing you're doing is modifying existing attributes 
or existing tags, the "minimal change" would be pretty unambiguous.  But 
if you're adding tags, or adding content on what was an empty element, 
then the requirement gets fuzzy  And finding an existing library for 
something "fuzzy" is unlikely.

Sample input, change list, and desired output would be very  useful.


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