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David Bolen at
Wed Nov 18 22:18:28 CET 2009

Simon Hibbs <simon.hibbs at> writes:

> I've had this problem for a few years. I've tried PythonCard,
> WxWidgets with WxDesigner, BoaConstructor, etc. None of them come
> anywhere close to PyQT/QTDesigner.

For me, the killer feature missing from of all of the wx-based
designers is that they require sizer based designs at all stages, not
even permitting a fixed layout up front as a first draft.  Either that
or any case I've found permitting a fixed layout, then didn't permit
turning that easily into a sizer-based layout.

>From an overall design perspective, that was the feature I found most
intriguing in QTDesigner.  I could randomly drop stuff around the
window while doing an initial layout, which is especially helpful when
you aren't quite sure yet how you want the layout to look.  Then you
can select groups of objects and apply the containers to provide for
flexible layout.

I absolutely prefer sizer-based layouts for a final implementation,
but early in the design stages find it more helpful, and freeing, not
to be as tied to the containers.

With that said, for various reasons I still prefer wxPython to Qt, and
at the moment, find wxFormBuilder the best fit for my own designs
(even before the direct Python support, just using XRC).

-- David

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