Communication between python and wxWidgets.. Help needed...

Jebagnana Das jebagnanadas at
Thu Nov 19 09:42:33 CET 2009

Hi Friends,

                I want to thank you all for doing a great job.. I seek your
suggestions and valuable guidance regarding two things.

1) I'm using python 3.1.1 and wxWidgets for GUI development in my project ..
I want to have a half-duplex communication between widgets and python(say
passing something from wxWidgets to python and processing there and sending
it back to display the results in widgets). When i googled around i found
that we have to have SWIG or Boost::Python and some other third party
applications to make this to work.. I'm wondering why it's really tough to
establish a communication between the two though wxWidgets which is an
excellent tool is mainly projected as a GUI toolkit especially for c++ and
python and python is described as a powerful scripting language.. Can u
suggest an efficient way by which i could make these two programs to
interact(back and forth) easily??

2) My second question is even if i did that successfully if i want to
convert my project into an executable file how would i do that? (Bcoz. i
will be having two executables or binaries in linux one for python and other
for widgets) Do i need to convert it to lib or dll file with respect to
python and c++ or is there any other way for making a build-script? What are
the tools and libraries needed(like cx-freeze,pyWin32) to accomplish this??

     Please give me some useful links... All of your suggestions are highly

Thanks & Regards,
Jebagnanadas A,
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