break LABEL vs. exceptions + PROPOSAL

Lo'oris looris at
Thu Nov 19 11:38:34 CET 2009

On Nov 18, 7:13 pm, Terry Reedy <tjre... at> wrote:
> It amounts to duplicating raise x...exception x as break x....continue x
> in the name of aesthetics and supposed efficiency. There would be no new
> functionality nor any abbreviation of code. The semantics of

there would be abbreviation: you wouldn't have to declare somewhere a
dummy exception class.

> anyplace'. The OP gives as a reason the possibility of a typo creating a
> raise x ... except y mis-match. But a break x ... continue y mismatch is
> equally likely.

no: if you mismatch a label in this case, it should be treated as a
syntax error, not as an
unhandled exception which you might not notice.

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