Communication between python and wxWidgets.. Help needed...

Dave Angel davea at
Thu Nov 19 22:14:18 CET 2009

Jonas Geiregat wrote:
> Op 19-nov-09, om 09:42 heeft Jebagnana Das het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi Friends,
>>                 I want to thank you all for doing a great job.. I 
>> seek your suggestions and valuable guidance regarding two things.
>> 1) I'm using python 3.1.1 and wxWidgets for GUI development in my 
>> project .. I want to have a half-duplex communication between widgets 
>> and python(say passing something from wxWidgets to python and 
>> processing there and sending it back to display the results in 
>> widgets). When i googled around i found that we have to have SWIG or 
>> Boost::Python and some other third party applications to make this to 
>> work.. I'm wondering why it's really tough to establish a 
>> communication between the two though wxWidgets which is an excellent 
>> tool is mainly projected as a GUI toolkit especially for c++ and 
>> python and python is described as a powerful scripting language.. Can 
>> u suggest an efficient way by which i could make these two programs 
>> to interact(back and forth) easily??
> For your first question check out: wx.lib.pubsub: 
I looked at your query a couple of times, and I don't see wxPython 
listed there anywhere.  You don't need SWIG or Boost or anything else -- 
that's what wxPython is.

Instead of just getting wxWidgets, get wxPython, which includes 
wxWidgets as a black box underneath.

binaries here:
dos here:

Of course, the catch is that this whole project supports Python 2.4 
through 2.6.  If you want to get it to work on 3.1, you have to either 
wait, or do it yourself.


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