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> List,
> I want to input hex number instead of int number. in type="int" in  
> following,
> parser.add_option("-F", "--forcemcs", dest="force_mcs", type="int",  
> default=0, help="index of 11n mcs table. Default: 0.")
> How can I do it?

Assuming you're talking about "optparse", just prefix the number with "0x"  
on the command line:

python myscript.py -F 0xDEAD

If you don't want to have to type the leading "0x", you'll either have to  
make yourself a custom type for optparse, or treat it as a string and do  
the parsing and error handling afterwards.  My recommendation is that you  
don't do this: not prefixing your constants if they aren't decimal is an  
accident waiting to happen.

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