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Fri Nov 20 03:36:19 CET 2009

Carl Banks <pavlovevidence at> writes:

> On Nov 19, 3:24 pm, Joshua Bronson <jabron... at> wrote:
> > I couldn't find a library providing a bijective map data structure
> > (allowing for constant-time lookups by value) in the few minutes I
> > looked, so I took a few more minutes to code one
> > up:
> >
> > Is this at all worth releasing? Comments and suggestions welcome.
> Apart from the GPL, it seems perfectly fine to release, and looks like
> an interesting strategy. I've wanted one of those once in a while,
> never enough to bother looking for one or writing one myself.

I would think GPL is an excellent choice for such a library then, if the
author's intention is to encourage more software to be free software so
that it can incorporate a unique library like this.

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