Imitating "tail -f"

Jason Sewall jasonsewall at
Sun Nov 22 05:32:16 CET 2009

FWIW, GNU tail on Linux uses inotify for tail -f:

The wikipedia page for inotify lists several python bindings:

Not much help for non-Linux users, but there it is. Too bad, because inotify
is pretty cool.


On Nov 21, 2009 11:11 PM, <exarkun at> wrote:

On 02:43 am, ivoras at wrote: > > I'm trying to simply imitate what
"tail -f" does, i.e. read...
select(), poll(), epoll, etc. all have the problem where they don't support
files (in the thing-on-a-filesystem sense) at all.  They just indicate the
descriptor is readable or writeable all the time, regardless.

"tail -f" is implemented by sleeping a little bit and then reading to see if
there's anything new.


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