Sorting: too different times. Why?

n00m n00m at
Sun Nov 22 18:15:57 CET 2009

> it's somewhat unnatural to say "too different xs"

Aha. Thanks.
For years I thought that song's title "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley
means "No Woman -- No Cry". As if a man got rid of his woman and
crying, out of her bad behaviour etc.
It turned out to mean "No, woman,.. no cry..."

Or take "Drips" by Eminem. What on earth do the drips mean?

Album:  The Eminem Show
Song:   Drips

[Eminem] Obie.. yo
 [Trice] {*coughing*} I'm sick
[Eminem] Damn, you straight dog?

That's why I ain't got no time
for these games and stupid tricks
or these bitches on my dick
That's how dudes be gettin sick
That's how dicks be gettin drips
Fallin victims to this shit...

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