xmlrpc idea for getting around the GIL

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 22 22:52:49 CET 2009

> Has anyone every tried wrapping the CPython lib into a daemon with an
> RPC mechanism in order to move the GIL out of the process? I have
> multiple audio threads, each of which use the python interpreter but
> don't have to interact with each other and can might as well use a
> separate interpreter handled by a daemon with libpython linked in.
> I've never used a C xmlrpc lib before and would probably need to set
> up some shared memory to get it to work. Can anyone suggest a library
> out there that would at do that sort of thing, maybe with some
> cross-platform process management?
> I imagine this is how the multiprocessing module works.

Yes, it does seem you need multiprocessing. That would take advantage
of multiple cores and the GIL wouldn't bother you at all. Take a look


For what you describe (separate tasks running concurrently without
communicating) the multiprocessing module would be ideal.


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