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Tue Nov 24 03:16:42 CET 2009

 UliPad is a flexible editor, based on wxPython. It's has many features,just
like:class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser,
wizard, etc. The main feature is the usage of mixin. This makes UliPad can
be extended easily. So you can write your own mixin or plugin, or simple
script, these can be easy and seamless integrated with UliPad.Features


   *Cross platform*
    - based on wxPython, so it can run anywhere that wxPython works, such
      as: Windows, Linux.
      - Unicode support.

   *Most features of wxStyledTextCtrl(Scintilla)*
    - Syntax highlighting, support Python, c/c++, html, plain text
      - Folding
      - Brace Matching
      - ...

   *Extended selection*

      Extended word selection -- You can press Ctrl+`MouseDoubleClick` to
      select a word including '.'

      Matched selection -- Select text in quoted chars like: (), [], {}, '',

      For example: a string just like:

      def func(self, 'This is a test'):

      The '^' char represents caret position in above line. If you press
      Ctrl+E, you will select the whole text in (), i.e. "self, 'This
is a test'".
      Something more in Selection Menu.

   *Other editing extension*
    - Duplicating text -- Just like Vim Ctrl+V, Ctrl+P, and more. You can
      duplicate above or below char, word, line which match the leading chars.
      - Quoting text -- Add some quoted chars before and after selected
      text, just as: "", '', (), [], {}, and customized string, etc.
      - Text convertion and view -- python -> html, reStructured Text ->
      html, textile -> html, and you can output or view the html text
in message
      window, or html view window, or replace the selected text.
      - Utf-8 encoding auto detect
      - Changing document encoding
      - Auto backup
      - Last session support -- It'll save all the filenames as closed, and
      reopen the files as next started.
      - Smart judge the indent char -- It'll auto guess the indent char, and
      sets it.
      - Finding in files
      - Bookmark supports

   *Python support*
    - built-in python interactive window based on PyShell, support Unicode
      - Auto completion
      - Function syntax calltips
      - Run, run with argument, stop python source
      - Auto change current path
      - Python class browser
      - Syntax and PEP8 style checking,also supply a pylint plugin.

   *Code snippets*

   You can manage your code snippets with categories, and each category can
   have many items. Every item will represent a code snippet. You can insert an
   item just by double-clicking on it. It even supports importing and

   *Simple project support*

   Can create a special file _project, so every file and folder under the
   folder which has the _project can be considered as a whole project.

   *Extension mechanism*
    - Script -- You can write easy script to manipulate the all resource of
      UliPad, just like: text conversion, etc.
      - Plugin -- Customized function. More complex but more powerful. Can
      easily merge with UliPad, and can be managed via menu.
      - Shell command -- Add often used shell commands, and execute them.

   *Ftp support* You can edit remote files through ftp. You can add, rename,
   delete, upload, download file/directory.

   *Multilanguage support*

   Currently supports 4 languages: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and
   Traditional Chinese, which can be auto-detected.

   *Ships many plugins* (must be configed as used them before)
    - Django support plugin
      - Batch rename files plugin
      - Collaborative Programming support plugin, names as *pairprog*.
      - Mp3 player plugin
      - Spell check plugin
      - wizard plugin
      - Text to speech(windows only) plugin
      - ...

   *Shipped scripts*
    - You can find them in ($UliPadInstalled)/scripts.


   You can make your own wizard template. The wizard can input user data,
   combine with template, and output the result. And wizard also support code
   framework created. This feature will help you improving coding efficiency.

   *Direcotry Browser*

   Browse multiple directories, and you can really add, delete, rename
   directories and files. Double click will open the file in Editor window.


   Suport user autocomplete file, it can help to input code very helpful and

   *Column Editing Mode*

   You can select multilines, and then set a column mode region, so in any
   line of this region, if you enter a character, other lines will also add
   this character. If you want to deal with multilines as a similar mode, this
   functionality will be very handy.

   *Smart Navigation*

   UliPad can remember the visit order of your opened files, and you can go
   back or go forward in these files.

   *Live regular expression searching*

   You can type some regular expression on the fly, and see the result

   *Spell check plugin*

   Need to install PyEnchant module.

   *Collaborative Programming*

   Multi-user can modify some files at the same time. You should enable *
   pairprog* plugin.

   *Todo Supports*

   Auto finds todos and supports several kind of formats.

   *Multi-View Supports*

   User can open a document in multi views, for example in left pane or
   bottom pane.

   *Version Control Support*
    - svn support. Now you can use svn in UliPad to update, checkout,
      commit, etc.


   - Project:
   - source version:
   - windows exe version:
   - maillist:
   - ulipad snippets site: (hosted by GAE)

Hope you enjoy it.

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