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Wed Nov 25 00:08:05 CET 2009

On Nov 17, 2:56 pm, Grant Edwards <inva... at invalid.invalid> wrote:
> On 2009-11-17, Paul Rubin <http> wrote:
> > mrholtsr <mrhol... at> writes:
> >> Is there a Python newsgroup for those who are strictly beginners at
> >> programming and python?
> > This group has its grouchy moments
> You've really got to try pretty hard to create one.  But if you
> want to, here's how to do it:
>  2) Python programs are portable, so don't reveal what OS or
>     Python version you're using.  People will ask. Just ignore
>     them.

Don't supply a traceback, lest you inadvertently divulge such
information (and more!) e.g.

  File "C:\python26\lib\encodings\", line 15, in decode

A good safeguard against accidental disclosure of your Python version
is to avoid using the default installation folder:

File "C:\snake_teehee_ima_comedian\lib\etc_etc"

This technique, used in a question like "How can I have multiple
versions of Python installed" gives a good chance of getting a grumpy

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