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> On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 19:20:27 -0000, NiklasRTZ <nikla... at> wrote:
> > Dear experts,
> > Since no py IDE I found has easy hg access. IDEs PIDA and Eric claim
> > Mercurial support not found i.e. buttons to clone, commit and push to
> > repositories to define dev env dvcs, editor and deployment all in 1.
> I don't really understand this urge to cram everything into a single  
> program, since that inevitably leads to compromises that will compromise  
> just how much of Mercurial's useful and interesting functionality you can  
> get at.  Still, if you really must, Emacs (and presumably vim) seems to be  
> capable of working with most source control systems.
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Obvious explainations are commandline is slower and IDEs claim support
(Eric) which may mean it's up2 programmer to add and enable the ui. Or
any binding to enable 1 ui. Emacs sure can.
Thank you

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