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Wed Nov 25 16:27:09 CET 2009

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On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 07:19, Victor Subervi <victorsubervi at> wrote:
> Hi;
> I've noticed that html doesn't support a "value" attribute for textarea. I
> have a form in which I enable users to edit data they've entered into my
> database, and one of the data is a textarea. How do I fill the textarea with
> the value, or what kind of workaround can I create?

Hi Victor,

You'll find the textarea and input tags differ significantly, even
though they're both typically used in HTML forms. The W3C page has a
fair overview of how various parts of HTML forms work in HTML 4.01,
and it's roughly accurate for XHTML up to 1.1 as well:


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