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Thu Nov 26 16:32:23 CET 2009

Dietmar Schwertberger schrieb:
> pepe schrieb:
>> is there any python package which potentially can support JTAG (BDM or
>> others) debugging interface for embedded system development?
>> Is there any other packages supporting debugging, monitoring, data
>> logging, flash programming of embedded systems?
> Don't know about JTAG, but I've successfully used a TBDML interface from
> Python to control S12 microcontrollers via BDM.
> Basically, any BDM or JTAG interface should have a DLL as driver which
> you can import using ctypes.
Sorry, hit the wrong button...

Low level usage via ctypes looked like this:

import ctypes
tbdml = ctypes.windll.LoadLibrary("tbdml.dll")

# connect
tbdml.tbdml_init() # returns number of devices
tbdml.tbdml_target_sync() # returns 0 on success

# play with micro ports
tbdml.tbdml_write_byte(0x0,2) # set port
tbdml.tbdml_read_byte(0x0) # read back

With a small wrapper around, usage looked like this:

import TBDML
t = TBDML.TBDML(device_no=0);t.target_sync();t.target_reset(0)
t[0x00] = 2
print t[0x00]

If that's what you need, contact me.



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