How do I correctly download Wikipedia pages?

Cousin Stanley cousinstanley at
Thu Nov 26 18:38:00 CET 2009

> I'm trying to scrape a Wikipedia page from Python.
> ....

  On occasion I use a program under Debian Linux
  called  wikipedia2text  that is very handy 
  for downloading wikipedia pages as plain text files .... 

    Description: displays Wikipedia articles on the command line
    This script fetches Wikipedia articles (currently supports 
    around 30 Wikipedia languages) and displays them as plain text 
    in a pager or just sends the text to standard out. Alternatively 
    it opens the Wikipedia article in a (possibly GUI) web browser 
    or just shows the URL of the appropriate Wikipedia article.

  Example directed through the lynx browser .... 

    wp2t -b lynx gorilla > gorilla.txt

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