Buffered streaming

Dave Angel davea at ieee.org
Thu Nov 26 20:50:45 CET 2009

Ken Seehart wrote:
> I need to create a pipe where I have one thread (or maybe a generator) 
> writing data to the tail while another python object is reading from 
> the head.  This will run in real time, so the data must be deallocated 
> after it is consumed.  Reading should block until data is written, and 
> writing should block when the buffer is full (i.e. until some of the 
> data is consumed).  I assume there must be a trivial way to do this, 
> but I don't see it.  Any ideas or examples?
> I'm using python 2.6.
Seems to me collections.deque is a good data structure for the purpose, 
at least if both operations are in the same thread.

For multithreading, consider Queue module (or queue in Python 3.x).


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