Access to file in Windows Xp

FelixCatus framin2 at
Fri Nov 27 12:26:07 CET 2009

Good morning to all,
I have written a simple python script that extracts data from a lot
(800Mb) of text files.
Now... In Linux the extraction runs in more or less 1s in Windows Xp
it takes 325 - 326 s.
The hardware is the same.
I have also noticed somehing similar when moving the files from a
directory to another
so it is not a problem due to my python script.
But why is windows so slow in working with files?
Is there something that I can do to make my script a bit faster on
Is there any improvement for that point if I move to python3 (now I'm
using python 2.6)?
Thanks in advance to all

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