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> >> Nothing hinting at having
> >> opened an interactive Python console and typing statements into it as an
> >> experiment to see what may work, or what changes may break something.
> >
> > Please explain how this makes a difference. If I have the error in hand
> from
> > trying to run the code through the Web--either printed to screen or
> gathered
> > from the errors log--what need of opening the python interpreter
> If you are content to run your code through the Web, and iterate
> through versions of it there, then that's up to you. I'd suggest using
> the interactive interpreter when you can, though -- most Python
> programmers that I have encountered find it extremely helpful. In
> particular, it can be invaluable in examining short snippets of code
> -- such as the segments that are giving you trouble -- without
> rerunning the whole program.

I usually do. I'm in a peculiar situation now, broke and rebuilding,
borrowing other people's computers, etc. Won't last too much longer :)

> When I am debugging errors such as this, what I typically do is snip
> out the particular bit that is causing the problem and run it in the
> interactive interpreter, experimenting with changes to it until it
> works as I want it to. Perhaps such a method would help you in
> debugging as well? Certainly it would enable you to give the list a
> little more information about what you have and haven't tried when
> coming here with a problem...

How should I do that in this instance? Here's the problem: the form on the
previous page supplies an uploaded image to the second page which is then
inserted into a MySQL table. The difficulty I am having is that for some
reason it's not inserting. The form inserts the first image but not the
second. When I print out the sql query I am submitting, less the image
itself, it prints correctly. When I print out the image itself, it also
prints correctly. So I don't understand where the problem could possibly be.
I appreciate your help as always :)
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