Python Programming Challenges for beginners?

J Kenneth King james at
Fri Nov 27 16:30:47 CET 2009

astral orange < at> writes:

> Hi-
> I am reading the online tutorial along with a book I bought on Python.
> I would like to test out what I know so far by solving programming
> challenges. Similar to what O'Reilly Learning Perl has. I really
> enjoyed the challenges at the end of the chapter and it really help me
> test out if I was truly taking in the material like I should. Could I
> get some suggestions on resources? Is there anywhere where I can go
> online (for free or purchase) for programming problems? I am familiar
> with sites like Code Chef...etc...but at this stage that is not the
> right 'venue' for me. I mainly need challenges like the ones they have
> in Learning Perl.
> Thanks again for all the help,
> 457r0

I find this one neat because it uses riddles rather than straight

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