luca72 lucaberto at libero.it
Sat Nov 28 11:29:11 CET 2009

hello i try to use the python-dvb3 bindings, but i have some problem:
fe = dvb3.frontend.Frontend(0)
type = tipo_1 = fe.get_dvbtype()
now i need to set the parameters
parametri = dvb3.frontend.QPSKParameters(frequency=frequency,
inversion=2 , symbol_rate=27500,  fec_inner=9)
but when i use
i get the error
The debugged program raised the exception IOError
"(22, 'Invalid argument')"
File: frontend.pyx, Line: 364

thedef is as follow :
 def set_frontend(self, parameters):
        global cfrontend
        cdef cfrontend.dvb_frontend_parameters p
        if pack_parameters(&p, parameters) == 0:
            raise ParameterError, "Incorrect parameter type"
        if ioctl(self.fd, cfrontend.FE_SET_FRONTEND, &p) == -1:

can you hel me


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