Arcane question regarding white space, editors, and code collapsing

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Sun Nov 29 13:10:20 CET 2009

I had this same problem with an application called Notepad++, which is a
shame because I like the way it works and it's nice and tight.  Now I use
Komodo Edit instead, which doesn't have that problem, and has all the
features of Notepad++ but just isn't as fast.  Also all the colors were
awful, and I realized Notepad++'s were perfect so I spent some time using
GetColor! to sample every token color Notepad++ uses and configure Komodo
Edit to do the same.  I guess this is all irrelevant information since you
don't even use a PC, but I just wanted to say that apparently this strange
problem is a popular phenomenon.  And that Komodo Edit is cool.

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 6:28 PM, Wells <wells at> wrote:

> I work in TextMate a lot, which I generally love, but it's code
> collapsing confounds me. Essentially you have to indent blank lines to
> the proper level for the current block. Then it will collapse that
> section as one section. If you have simply a new line, it will see it
> as a break, and not collapse, though the python interpreter doesn't
> care- it only cares about lines of actual code.
> Is it... pythonic, then, to have these lines of tabs/spaces to support
> code collapsing? Is it proper, improper, or irrelevant?
> Thanks.
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