debugger on system with Python 2 and 3

Nir nir at
Sun Nov 29 20:08:02 CET 2009

rpdb2 should be compatible with Python 3.x.
And once you start a debugging session with rpdb2 (running with Python
you can attach to it from a winpdb instance (running with Python 2.x)

On Nov 29, 2:29 pm, Yo Sato <yosat... at> wrote:
> If there's no other choice I don't mind using winpdb, but it is
> installed (through Yum) under Python2 library and invokes Py2 at
> default... Don't quite know how to adapt it to Py3 or install the
> right version under the right directory, yet. It seems as if some
> environmental variable change is necessary. On the whole it doesn't
> seem that there's much support in the third-party debuggers in general
> as yet...
> In the meantime I might ask if it is possible to adapt pydb (or
> perhaps, IDLE) for Py3. Might be just a change in a env variable or
> two...
> Yo

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