Object Not Callable, float?

W. eWatson wolftracks at invalid.com
Mon Nov 30 06:20:09 CET 2009

John Bokma wrote:
> "W. eWatson" <wolftracks at invalid.com> wrote:
>> Yikes. Thanks very much. Python seems to act unlike other language in 
>> which words like float are reserved. I'll use asum.
> The problem is that there is a function sum and you creating a float sum:
> sum = 0.0
> and
> mean = sum(hist)
> even if both could exist side by side it would be very confusing IMO.
> John
I think I understand it, but how does one prevent it from happening, or 
know it's the cause? That msg I got?

I think PL/I, FORTRAN, ALGOL, etc. have reserved words.

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