ANN: GMPY 1.11rc1 is available

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Mon Nov 30 10:30:14 CET 2009

casevh <casevh at> wrote:
>  I'm pleased to annouce that a new version of GMPY is available.
>  GMPY is a wrapper for the MPIR or GMP multiple-precision
>  arithmetic library. GMPY 1.11rc1 is available for download from:
>  Future plans
>  On releasing the GIL: I have compared releasing the GIL versus the
>  multiprocessing module and the multiprocessing module offers better
>  and more predictable performance for embarrassingly parallel tasks
>  than releasing the GIL. If there are requests, I can add a compile-
>  time option to enable threading support but it is unlikely to
>  become the default.

You could have variant types of mpz etc which do release the GIL so
you could mix and match accordingly.

>  On mutable integers: The performance advantages of mutable integers
>  appears to be 20% to 30% for some operations. I plan to add a new
>  mutable integer type in the next release of GMPY. If you want to
>  experiment with mutable integers now, GMPY can be compiled with
>  mutable version of the standard 'mpz' type. Please see the file
>  "mutable_mpz.txt" for more information.

Mutable integers - whatever will they think of next ;-)

Thanks for maintaining gmpy - it is an excellent bit of software!

Nick Craig-Wood <nick at> --

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