Python PIL and Vista/Windows 7 .. show() not working ...

Esmail ebonak at
Mon Nov 30 18:57:11 CET 2009

Hello all.

I am using the PIL 1.1.6 and Python 2.6.x under XP without any
problems. However, I can't display any images under Vista
or Windows 7. I could understand Windows 7 as it's relatively
new, but Vista has been around for a bit.

Sample code:

  import Image

  im ='c://mypic.jpg')

this will work fine under XP, but under Windows 7 and Vista
the default image viewer will come up with some error message
that the image can't be found.

I tried with an external image view program and tried to supply
it via the command parameter to show - but that too didn't work.

Definition:, title=None, command=None)

Any suggestions/help/workarounds? If you can get this to work
with Vista or Windows 7 I'd  love to hear from you.


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