Intro To Python Using Turtle Graphics

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Nov 30 23:16:11 CET 2009

Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
> Done by Northland Polytechnic, available for download under CC-BY-NC-ND here
> <>.

I have two problems with the presentation, which make things harder for 
the students than they should be.

First, the instructor has students edit code in an editor that cannot 
directly run the code. Save the file.  Click to a command window. Enter 
'python'. Ugh. Python comes with IDLE. Let students use it. 
(Or some equivalent, but turtle works fine with IDLE.) Replace above 
with 'press F5'. If there is a SyntaxError, not uncommon for students, 
the edit window comes back with the cursor near the spot of the foul.

Within the code, the instructor does 'import turtle' followed by 
'turtle.up', turtle.move(x,y)', etc. for tens of lines. Ugh. Either 
'from turtle import *' (which turtle was designed for) or, if one does 
not like that, 'import turtle as t', some one can write 't.up', etc.

There is also a echo glitch in the audio when the video comes from the 
monitor, as opposed to the room camera.

Aside from the above, it seems like a decent intro presenting 
statements, names, conditional execution, repeated execution, and 
function encapsulation.


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